Drama in Education

Course Objectives

The primary objectives of this 1 day short course are -

to familiarise participants with key strategies for using drama in the classroom for students aged 8+
to help develop participants’ skills in the use of improvisation in the classroom
to help develop participants’ awareness of tools such as image and video and the use of poetry and scripts.
to help develop participants’ devise, develop and present a show for their school.
to improve participants confidence in their own lesson delivery


This is a practical, hands-on, participative course which focuses on the application of drama in the classroom. The input sessions are interactive with high take away value. Throughout the course participants are encouraged to reflect on their own practice, consider alternative practices and try out a variety of classroom activities through workshops and presentations.

Participants will build up a portfolio of activities for their class and devise and develop a show of their own.

Follow Up

On the final day of the course, the participants engage in a reflection session in which they are encouraged to examine benefits gained from the course and complete a course evaluation form. Participants are encouraged to keep contact via email and private social networking. Regular follow-up contact is made with the participants after completion of the course. The trainers are available for follow-up advice and support at all time

The one day programme will cover –

How to structure a typical drama lesson

Drama Warmers

Introductory Activities

Speech (intonation, pronunciation, pace, pitch)

Body Language



Primary and Youth Theatre


Open Ended Duologues

Music and Movement..